Our Ten Founding Promises To You


1. Exceptional Customer Service

We are open and honest about everything we do and why

We will always work to ensure any order placed up until 10pm is dispatched the same working day

2. Help to find the right dosage

Like any supplement the optimal benefit comes from the right dosage and you should always start with the lowest dosage and increase it to find the right one for you

To support this if you feel you require a stronger dose than you have ordered, drop us an email and we will get a higher dose product on the way to you for free

3. Discreet

Every order we process and ship is completely discreet, only you will know what’s inside. There is no branding or clue to the contents on the exterior of the package

4. Free Delivery

Fully tracked and insured delivery to any UK address. Most packages are delivered in 2-3 business days

5. Easy and Fair Returns

90 day return policy on any unopened products, we will even cover the shipping

6. Rewards

Every third order is sent with a personal discount code that you can use whenever you want

7. Monthly Giveaways

Every month we hold a prize draw to win your order value as a store credit, simply share an Instagram post of the product to enter

8. Independently Lab Tested

Every batch of every product is independently lab tested – no exceptions!

9. UK based and Registered

We are and always will be UK based and pay any applicable taxes, it benefits us all in the end

10. Feedback Responsive

Got an Idea? Suggestion?

We are all ears whether it is a product we should stock or something we should be doing. We are always eager to hear your ideas and will be open to them