About Us

Who are we?

We are a family run business located in London, UK. Our driving ambition is to have a company that is a real benefit to our customers and one that staff can be proud to say they work for and shout it from the rooftops.

Robert and Family John

In a personal capacity we are strong advocates of the use of CBD as a general wellness supplement for adult consumption and passionately believe that the benefits of this product are only just starting to be discovered.

Outside of the company, we are flexitarians and generally eat vegan or at least vegetarian 70% of the week, we are adamant that we should have a minimal impact on the planet as possible and so all our products will be vegan and Non-GMO.

Why did we start CBD BOOM UK?

We have been occasional users of CBD and CBD containing products for the last 10 years, generally using them to aid my sleep and help when I had sore muscles or any aches and pains.

After extensively researching CBD products for the benefits they bring and the sheer versatility of it, we were sold and felt a lot more people should benefit from this natural product.

That said we always found issues with either poor products or terrible customer experience, or worse of all both. It was always a bit of a lottery and the companies behind the products just seemed to be out to make a quick buck.

We wanted to create an inclusive and trustworthy UK retailer for CBD products, one that will be around for the long term.

One that puts customers first and profit second.

One that only stocks products that are of the highest quality ingredients, vegan, non-GMO and independently lab tested for every batch of every product.

We are determined that every customer who puts their trust in us as a company will have a pleasant experience and rather than being a one-off transaction it will be the beginning of a long-term beneficial relationship. Which is why we have thought long and hard about our 10 promises, our way of demonstrating our commitment of putting customers first, see them all on the page Our Promises

Overall, we wanted to create a place that we would be more than happy to buy from and sticks to our principles and qualities:

· Honest

· Open

· Inclusive

Join with us and let’s do this right